Friday, May 22, 2009

Bu Yıl Nardeyse Bitti D=

So I procrastinated writing this blog entry because last week I had two other exchange students living at my house for a week. A group of fellow AFSers from all over Turkey decided to visit İstanbul over the weekend so I had no time to write.

This past week was a lot of fun, I got to skip school, learn the bus system almost perfectly, and get absolutely no sleep. As I said I had two visitors, Kevin from Costa Rica and McKinely from the USA, stay at my house. We had to wake up early everyday to be able to catch the bus because I live really far away from the city and to get to the Bospherous by bus it takes up to 2 hours. I would often get stressed out on how I would get people to where they wanted to go and get back to my house, and had more than one breakdown over the course of the week.

But when we actually got to where we wanted to go it was always fun. This was really the first week I spent as a tourist in İstanbul. For the past 8 months I've seen a lot but its always been in passing. I had gone to the Grand Bazaar but I never bought much, I've seen the Hagia Sophia plenty of times while hanging out with friends but I had never been inside. (Yes I did take pictures for those who are curious and they will be on Facebook...eventually).

I realized this week that I've changed quite a bit from when I left, or so I'm told. Everyone kept telling me I stress out way too much, something I never used to do; and that I am the rest of the time relaxed and non-crazy, also different than from when I left. But whoever reads this can decide for themselves when they see me next.

Which really won't be to far away. Only 36 more days and I'll be back in the USA. Thats no time at all. My feelings are beyond mixed now, they're explosive. The way I feel towards coming home can change in less than an hour. At one point I'll be dreading leaving Turkey and all my friends but the next I can't wait to return. In fact when I started writing this I dreaded leaving, now I'm excited. Who knows how I'll feel when I finish.

Time is flying by, it seems every time I look at a calender another day has passed. And I know time is only going to start going faster as my last month here will be packed full of activities. From 28 May-2 June I'll be in Adana doing my first İndependent travel in Turkey. I also hope to go to Çanakale and Antalya before I leave. Thats 2 of my 5 weeks right there. Of course theres the last camp too, then whatever else I end up doing.

So to those waiting for me back home, I'll see you soon and I miss you too.