Monday, March 9, 2009


So thing have been going pretty well over here on this side of the world. I hang out with friends outside of school consistently and I'm completely comfortable at school and home. It seems like I've been here no time at all but in only 3 more months I'll be getting ready to come home. It's ridiculous how fast the time has gone by.
Anyways, I don't really know what to blog about, I just know that I need to seeing as if I delay another day I'll be breaking my "blog every two weeks" agreement. So I guess instead of boring you with a repetitive account of how I feel being here, I'll bore you with a list of my favorite foods in Turkey.

Eric's Top Three Favorite Turkish Foods

3. Döner is hard to describe. Its meat but the way it is prepared is different than any thing I've seen in the US. It is hung on a skewer and cooked next to a flame. When it is done they take a long knife and cut thin, vertical slices off and put it in a pide, or other type of bread. It is really simple but taste amazing. Nice and greasy, just like my favorite American foods. The best part about this food is that its super cheap and can be found nearly everywhere.

2. Now technically this one is a drink but it's just to good and I'm to addicted to it for it not to be on the list, Turkish Tea. Turks drink tea all the time and they have perfected their tea to an art. Served every morning, at lunch, in the afternoon and whenever guests arrive; a tea kettle is absolutly essential in a Turkish home. Turkish Tea is always served hot. The kettle used to cook it is also unlike I've seen before. Basically what it is is two kettles, with a larger one directly on the stove and a smaller one on top of it. Tea leaves are put in the upper kettle and mixed with hot water, while the lower one only has water. When you pour the tea you put just a little bit a tea in your cup and fill the rest up with water because the tea is very strong. As I said before this stuff is amazing and I definatly plan on bringing back my own tea kettle so I can continue drinking this.

1. My absolutly favorite food is one I have already mentioned on this blog so if you have been following my adventures then you should recognize this; the waffle. Not a breakfast item but the tastiest dessert of them all. The waffle portion; in the shape of an Ego; is soft and sweet and soon covered with your choice of sweets. My personal favorite is one half white chocalate and one half milk chocalate. Then topped with kiwi, bananas, and strawberries And for the final touch a little bit of crushed pistachio and hazelnut. All folded together in a warm, messy, sweet bite of heaven. This is by far my favorite turkish food and I plan on filling up on it to last me until my next visit to Turkey after my exchange is over.