Monday, June 8, 2009

Trip to Adana

So I really wanted to write this blog about a week ago but my computer was stricken with a virus so I've been unable to use it and am now using the school computer which I just discovered has unblocked blogging sites. (I use to not be able to blog here) This is the last week of school and the only kids from the 10th grade here today are myself and one other girl. So naturally we are not doing much today.

So as the title suggest I recently went on Independent travel to another Turkish city called Adana to visit some of my amazing AFS friends. I stayed there for 5 memerable days and had a great time. I did not take many pictures unfortunatly (only about 50) but I am tagged in a lot on facebook for those interested.

On my second day there we all went to the Turkish Bath (Hamam) and for those who dont know what that is it is pretty much just the most amazing bath you can take. I highly recommend to go to one if you ever find yourself in Turkey because it is very nice and also quite different. The Turkish Baths are segregated between men and women of course. The first thing you do when you get there is get completly undressed and you only wear a towl-like cloth around your waist. From there you go into this steamed room where there is a big stone in the middle and a bunch of sinks around it. You take bowls and pour the water over you. After you do that for a good 15 minutes or so you then go to this small pool in another room. The pool is filled with cold water and you jump into that and stay there for a little bit. When you first get in its quite frigid but once you get out you feel great. From there you go to the sauna. And sweat. The sauna they had there was about 140 degrees. After you boil in there for a bit you go back to the frigid pool where it now feels ever colder than before. After your done with that you pretty much switch between the various stations depending on what you want to do. From the description some might assume that this experience is unpleasent but trust me, once your done you feel amazing. Turkish Baths are also very social. At one point during the bath, we all(except for alec) got a massage. Well kinda. Massage is the best translation but really its more of someone taking a sandpaper like cloth and scraping the dead skin off of nearly your entire body. That was a little unpleasant seeing as it hurts a little but also when you are done you feel great and your skin is super smooth.

Of course we did more than just the turkish bath. It seemed every night we would all do something. On the first night we went to a Karoke bar where we guys had a great time singing a drunken "Help!" by the Beatles. Speaking of which I learned a life lesson in the alcohol area which I will not go into here but to any that are interested just send me a message or ask me about it when I get back. I'll try to spin it into a good story.

Now onto the second part of my blog.

I only have 20 days left! I'm not sure if thats a happy or sad exclamation mark. It's so strange thinking that I'll be home soon. In fact my feelings towards it are quite similar to my feelings when I was leaving for Turkey. Excited but not ready to leave. It's strange, whenever I think about being "home" it doesn't feel like home anymore. Turkey is my home now. All my friends are here, sure I have friends in America but I haven't seen any of them in 10 months and few of us are that close any more. I can't imagine that I'll be gone soon. I just can't wrap my head around that fact.

Yet everyday I do more and more to prepare for my return. I'm getting my transcripts, talking to my family and friends a lot more and just in general slowly switching lives. Just like when I was leaving for Turkey. I know when I get back I'll quickly get back into the rythm of American life but right now I don't feel American anymore, I feel Turkish. Sure I still have my accent but turkish comes so much easier now, my english is better but whenever I start to speak the first thing I do is talk in Turkish.

Well I got to get back to working on my H.I. for Speech and Debate so I will end this blog. There will probably only be one or two more, which I think I'm looking forward to but not quite sure.

See you soon,

*By the way I had the hardest time writing this blog, I kept writing in turkish grammar. for instance in english you would say 'I want to go to the theatre' while in turkish you say 'Theatre to go to wanting I' very different, I know.