Monday, February 23, 2009

Just got back from mid-stay camp

and I had an amazing time. Seeing all (well most) the afsers again was so great, and having to leave them again I realize how close we have all become and that it will be so difficult to leave them when my year is over.

Also at camp a few things were pointed out to me. First of all, apparantly I'm taller. I hadn't noticed but I got asked that question by about the entire camp. Secondly, it seems that I have matured as I heard from both counselors and students that I am much less annoying which will no doubt come as a relief to my regular lunch table in the US.

One thing that came as a dissapointment however is my lack of efficiency in the Türk lingo. A lot of the other AFS students have become quite efficient and even carried on whole conversations in Turkish, and I just don't understand. So now I'm more determined than ever to learn this language and have been using it a lot more now.

I also realized during camp that I've been here for almost 6 months. Almost half a year! When I went I thought that I had been here for almost 5 so learning I was a month behind came as a shock. I realize now that with only 121 days left that I don't want to leave anymore, not yet anyways. Theres so much more I need to get done-make more friends, learn the language, go to a football match, and so on- but havent yet and only having 3 and a half months seems so short now. Don't get me wrong I definatly want to come home but I rather it be in like...August now. haha.

Well I think I'll wrap this blog post up. I'm working on a video blog post, so hopefully that will be up in the next two weeks or so. Oh and by the way I'm not going to England, it was a misunderstanding between the class and the teacher but oh well Turkey is a cooler country anyways.

Sonra seni konuşacağım

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mondays are just soo much fun

especially after a 2 week holiday from school.

Today wasn't too bad though. It was actually pretty good, save the waking up early, boredom, and school food. First, today I finally got some Root Beer! One of my friends at school went to Miami for the holiday and she offered to bring me back some root beer. She brought 3 bottles, all different brands. Though as I guessed most people at my school thought it was absolutely disgusting but I thought it was perfectly tasty.

In the last class today I learned that there is going to be a school trip to England with the english class and I get to go too. I am very excited about this, it will be nice to go to a country where the main language is English but not America. I really can't be happier about this. We leave March 7th and it is until the 15th. So it will be an awesome early birthday present.

Well that's about all I got for today, I'll try writing more frequently but I'll probably end up procrastinating again. Oh well. Until next time (Whenever that may be)
-Eric Frid